He goes by Mouse Money.*  He's my best friend in my building, even though he doesn't live there.  Mostly, he hangs out in front.  His grandmother lives somewhere inside.  

For months, the extent of our relationship consisted of my walking my dog by him and his shouting at my dog.  It was friendly shouting, but my dog doesn't really differentiate.  When talking to me, Mouse tended to be effusive.  Sometimes, he seemed antagonistic. Other times, sincere.  Usually, it was hard to tell the difference, though this likely says as much about me as him.

Eventually, he noticed that I carried a camera, and he asked me to take his photo.  After I sent it (the first photo in the series), he wanted to schedule another shoot.  We've tried, but neither one of us is great at committing to a schedule.  So far, we've only managed to catch each other one more time, though he's looking forward to the winter. He wants something in the snow.

*Not his real name.