New York artist Duke Riley has enlisted 2,000 pigeons to perform 'Fly By Night,' a light show above Brooklyn's East River. The performance celebrates the city's history of rooftop pigeon coops and commemorates Cob Dock, once the site of the Navy's largest carrier pigeon coop. (For MSNBC)

Funerals for victims of gun violence have become so common in St. Louis that for many they're weekly community gatherings. Some blame the state legislature, which in 2007 eliminated most gun control laws. In the years since, the number of homicides has spiked. Trymaine Lee investigates how a city and the police deal with a rural state legislature that lives--and governs--according to a different set of standards than they do.  (For MSNBC)

After 52 years together and at one point legally adopting each other as father and son, Bill Novak and Norman MacArthur were finally able to tie the knot. Produced for MSNBC in collaboration with Upworthy.

Users of K2 insist the "synthetic marijuana" is no more dangerous than the real thing, but an outbreak of emergency room patients suggests otherwise. Tony Dokoupil investigates. (For MSNBC)

An msnbc exclusive about the workers caught in the middle of a national debate over rail safety: a class of BNSF conductor trainees trying to hop a dream in Whitefish, Montana. (For MSNBC)

Syrian opposition fighters recount their struggles to escape their homeland to find medical care in Lebanon.  Part two of a three-part series for GlobalPost reflecting on the impact of Syrian refugees on Lebanon. (For GlobalPost)